Before start tour to The State of Palestine country first we know little about it. 

Palestine is rich in history, culture, tradition, and has treasures of major significance to three major religions in the world: Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The countryside has a vibrant history that today attracts people from all around the globe. The Palestinians are known for their hospitality, their fascinating cultural traditions and their warm welcome.

Palestine, the State of Palestine officially named. Since the Six- Day War of 1967, Israel has occupied the whole area claimed by the State of Palestine.

Capital City:           Gaza City
Largest city Gaza City
Official language Arabic
Known languagesItalian, French (diplomatic)
Catholic Christianity
Driving sideRight
Calling code +970
6,020 km2(2,320 sq mi) (163rd biggest country in the world )

Declaration of Independence
15 November 1988
• UNGA observer state resolution
29 November 2012
• Sovereignty dispute with Israel
Population 4,816,503 (123rd biggest country in the world)
Density 731/km2(1,893.3/sq mi)


Egyptian pound (EGP)
Israeli new shekel (ILS)
Jordanian dinar(JOD)[
Population Density 
(people per km2)
731/km2(1,893.3/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+2 (Palestine Standard Time)
The State of Palestine Tourism – Packages Places Flight Visa guide 2 Copy
The State of Palestine Tourism – Packages Places Flight Visa guide 2 Copy

Interesting points:

Is Palestine a state or a country? Sweden became the 135th member of the United Nations to recognize Palestine as an independent state officially.

  • In Palestinian life, culture, and tradition, olives have been central for many centuries. With over 45 per cent of the land dedicated to olive groves in the country, it is no surprise that the identity of Palestine is highly revered and valued.
  • ” Palestine” is derived by the word ‘ Philista,’ which has been created in the Philistines region by Greek writers.
  • The Government of Palestine is a bicameral parliamentary democracy. Each four years, the President is elected. The Head of Government is considered the prime minister.
  • In Palestine, there is the Dead Sea, the lowest point of natural elevation on earth.
  • In Palestine several currencies are widely used: the dollar, jordanian dinars, and new shekels from Israel. The Egyptian pound is also accepted in Gaza.

Weather & when to go

Although some areas may have rainy and colder season this, Palestine enjoys a milder climate even during the winter with average temperatures between 9 and 18 ° C. Summers are dry and warm, particularly on the inland, and average temperatures range between 26 and 30 ° C. Spring is the most pleasant season to visit..

Key Festivals & Religious Ceremonies

Three times a year Christmas is celebrated. The first is on 25th December, according to Western tradition; the second is on the Greek Orthodox tradition on 6th January and the third, on 18th January, according to Armenian tradition.

The resurrection on Easter is the second major feast. Easter takes place between 22 March and 1 May, and its date differs not only from year to year, but also from one church to another..

Artas Lettuce Festival – The Artas Lettuce Festival is one of the most adorable festivals in the region. 

Birzeit Heritage Week –Birzeit will open its arms for the Birzeit Heritage Week in the summer of July to the surrounding Palestinian community. 

Palestine International Festival – The Palestine International Festival is the West Bank festival with the world’s most distant reach.

Ramadan – Ramadan will be celebrated by Islamic communities in PNA during the months of August and September( the 9th month of the lunar calendar).

The Jerusalem Music Festival, held in October, depicts the best PNA has to offer in the local culture.

Christmas Bazaar – Around Christmas time, the Christian community in the West Bank floods central Bethlehem to experience the Christmas Bazaar every year.

How to plan your journey? Tips for beginners…

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Safe to visit?

A broad military separation wall is enclosed in both the Palestinian territories–the West Bank and Gaza–that allows Israel to control what and who enters and flows. You will first have to pass successfully through control points controlled by the Israeli military if you want to enter or exit any territory, whether foreign or Palestinian.

Many people take a bus to Bethlehem from Jerusalem to make day trips into the Palestinian Territories. This is probably the only part of the country that is little touristy

The English level is not good, but obviously you can do it and you will always find someone who speaks it.

Best Accommodations / Hotels:

How to get Visa?

It is the responsibility of all passengers who cross international boundaries to obtain all necessary travel documents and comply with international travel requirements.


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Flight or Travel protection / Insurgence guide:

How Much It Costs:
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