Before start tour to Caribbean Island Aruba country first we know little about it. 

Aruba has sunny, dry weather, blonde beaches and gentle surf, a small Netherlands Caribbean island off Venezuela’s coast.

The architecture with the Dutch paintings painted in tropical pastels is shown by the influence of Europe. Constant trade winds create a cool breeze and cause divi-divi trees to descend southwest.

In English, Dutch and Spanish, the local Papiamento is also obvious. It is spoken next to the local language.

Caribbean Island Aruba tourism
Caribbean Island Aruba tourism
Capital City:           Oranjestad
Largest city Oranjestad
Official languageDutch, Papiamento
Currency Aruban florin (AWG)
Driving sideRight

Calling code
178.91 km2(69.08 sq mi) (155th biggest country in world)
 Independence 10 July 1973 ( Independence from the United Kingdom )
population on 2016 – 104,822 (197th biggest country in the world)

Population Density
(people per km2)
612/km2 (1,585.1/sq mi) (22nd density country in the worlld)

Sovereign state

 Kingdom of the Netherlands
Ethnic groups66% Aruban, 9.1% Colombian, 4.3% Dutch, 4.1% Dominican, 3.2% Venezuelan, 2.2% Curaçaoan, 1.5% Haitian, 1.1% Peruvian
, 1.1% Chinese, 6.2% Other
Location of Aruba in the Caribbean
Location of Aruba in the Caribbean

Interesting points:

  • If you go there for 20 years in a row, you get the official title of “Aruba Goodwill Ambassador.” You receive an award and are included in the local paper if you visit Aruba for 10 years consecutively.
  • Over a million tourists have visited Aruba in most years. It’s the local population approximately ten times.
  • The Hi-Winds Amateur World Challenge windsurfing tournament is hosted every year in June. Aruba is without any doubt one of the most popular windsurfing spots on earth.
  • Aruba does not have any significant natural sources of fresh water. The water from the taps can be drunk straight. Through their saltwater desalination plant, they produce their own drinking water.
  • You love tennis on the beach. Have you never heard about it? It’s like a beach mix between tennis and volleyball.
  • Aruba is NOT an exuberant tropical Caribbean paradise ; it’s dry and arid ; it’s surprising to many tourists who expect to have “tropical island paradises.”
  • Due to its absence of natural resources, including precious metals, Aruba was declared a worthless island.
  • Aruba is not in the Alley of Hurricanes, so that there is no BAD time to go to Aruba.
  • The currency of Aruba: Aruba’s florin worth approximately US 0.56 dollars. It is so rare that you may need to find a foreign exchange provider such as World First that you can buy it.
  • Balashi is the local beer of Aruba. It is produced on the island and is best enjoyed cold and by the beach!
  • 65% of the plants on the island can be used for herbal medicine!
  • A body of islands is called ABC islands, Aruba, together with Bonaire and Curacao. Cute name!
  • Lionfish are an invasive species in Aruba, which local people have been encouraged to spearfish by the government.
  • Nearly 20 percent of the island covers Arikok National Park.
    A lot to see For a day, it’s worth exploring!
  • Other country citizens may acquire the Dutch nationality through the marriage of Arubans.
  • Filmmakers and enthusiasts from around the globe are welcome at the Aruba International Film Festival. The festival is world famous.

You don’t have to rent a car, but you can if you want to.

The bus system on the island is quite strong, and the main beaches run up and down. While Uber or other Ride Sharing Company in Aruba is not available (all taxis are government – controlled), the flag of a taxi, particularly in popular tourist areas, is relatively easy.

In about 20 minutes, you can walk through the entire length of Palm Beach, just wrap in from the sun, wear comfortable sneakers, bring water.

At least for a couple of days, we recommend renting a car. First, we’ll give you the good news: Aruba drives along the same road as the United States, so any worried driver doesn’t need to panic about learning to sail a vehicle in the opposite direction.

We suggest a jeep if you plan to go on a self – drive tour of the Arikok National Park because it may be quite bumpy.

Weather & when to go

There is no best time to visit the Aruba because the warm weather is consistently hot all year long, with a relatively constant temperature of 82 ° F (28 ° C). The best time to visit depends on the type of holiday you want

It’s recommended to visit Aruba during the low season if you are looking for a less crowded period.

High Season: between mid – December and mid – April,

Low Season: from mid – April to mid – December.

It is important to note that Aruba is far away from the storms, far from the hurricane belt.

Best day to Fly to Aruba: At least 3 hours before departure time, we advise you to arrive at the airport. Many people own Aruba timeshare, and many timeshares spend the weekend check – in and check – out days. That means that from Friday to Sunday the airport is overflowing.

The weather is pleasant from January to March but the room prices may soar. If you are traveling early in fall, you can also find discounts.

 Aruba is prone to high trade winds, which makes for a great experience for windsurfers.

Key Festivals & Religious Ceremonies

New Year’s Day: On 1 January every year. Midnight fireworks mark the start of the new year in Aruba, like in most countries.

Betico Croes Day: The annual birthday of the late political leader, Gilberto Francois (Betico) Croes, is commemorating Aruba on January 25, each year.

Carnival Monday: Carnival Monday takes place on the 4th of March after the Grand Carnival Parade weekend and on the Monday before Ash Monday.

National Anthem & Flag Day: Annually on March 18th is considered Aruba’s National Day and on this day Arubans celebrate the Status Aparte, the national anthem and flag. 

Good Friday:April 19th 2019 Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Easter Monday: The 22nd of April Easter Monday is an after Easter Sunday Christian festival, observing the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

King’s Day: Annually on April 27thOn this day we celebrate the birthday of King Willem-Alexander of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

How to plan your journey? Tips for beginners

Find the best Travel package from a company/ Agent/Agency book from there, they will handle all things like flight, hotel, transportation, food, but its expensive but safe journey.  OR

Do plan yourself – For cheap flight tickets book early 3 months before the journey and return ticket, then book a hotel, then apply for a visa as Tourist.

Currency exchange: After got visa you have to have visiting country currency in hand. there are currency exchange counters there in airports, but they take huge commissions. Best is get currency with in your country. If you plan for use Credit Debit Cards, first know your bank limitations and fee use in foreign countries.

Safe to visit?

Aruba is one of the Caribbean’s safest islands. Without revisiting the loss of 18-year-old American tourist Natalee Holloway in 2005, it is difficult to talk of security in Aruba. Despite this tragedy, in terms of crime and personal safety, Aruba is considered one of the safer islands in the Caribbean.

Places to visit and Things to do in  
Aruba :

How to get Visa?

Aruba is one of the Caribbean’s safest islands. Without revisiting the loss of 18-year-old American tourist Natalee Holloway in 2005, it is difficult to talk of security in Aruba. Despite this tragedy, in terms of crime and personal safety, Aruba is considered one of the safer islands in the Caribbean.


Extra baggage costs and rules:

Purchase additional baggage before transportation outside the standard allowance. The weight of the carry – on bags may vary from class to calls and Airline to airline. As an instruction, passengers of Economy Class can carry a bag between 5 kg and 7 kg per person, while passengers of Business and First Class often privilege a greater luggage allowance, or additional bags.

Flight or Travel protection / Insurgence:

How Much It Costs: 
There are many ways to get travel insurance: the airline or cruise carrier, an independent travel insurance agency, and your credit card sometimes. Travel insurance generally costs about 5% of your total journey.

What Travel Insurance Covers : 
Travel insurance is designed to protect you from unforeseen travel misfortune, such as the cancelation of your flight because of severe weather, or the loss or stoling of your baggage.

In the travel insurance system there are 4 types of coverage:

  • Insurance for trip cancelation and interruption
  • Coverage of baggage and personal items
  • Medical emergency insurance
  • Accidental death or dismemberment insurance

Emergency Numbers:

There are three modern medical centers in Aruba, the Dr Horacio Oduber Hospital in Oranjestad, the Private Urgent Care Clinic Noord and the Rudy Engelbrecht Center in San Nicolas. Aruba is home to three modern medical centers.

In case of an EMERGENCY the following numbers could be helpful :
Police Dial 297 527 2900
Ambulance and Fire department Dial 911

Hospital in the capital, Oranjestad,
Dial 297-527-4000
Hospital in the San Nicolas region
Dial 297 524 8833

OPEN 24/7
63 Noord
Dutch Caribbean, Aruba
+297 586 0448

Nightlife, Bars, Clubs, Drinks

When the sun goes down, Aruba comes alive. With reggae beats, live music and dancing on the beach ‘til dawn, join us in swaying to the rhythm.

The legal drinking and gambling age is 18 – Although most travelers to Aruba will probably not be affected by that, it is good for anyone planning an excursion or family break from spring. A large number of bars and casinos can be found in Aruba, and anyone 18 years old or older can go into it, receive alcohol and make a bet.

Casino and Gaming Destinations:

Aruba Marriott resort Stellaris casino
Aruba Marriott resort Stellaris casino

Gambling is legal: Sun, sand and relaxation are not all the reasons why travelers come to Aruba — some of them try their luck on the casinos.

Gambling in Aruba is legal and is so popular that in addition to the stand-alone locations on the islands, all major resorts also have their own in – house casinos.

Several casinos will be open 24 hours a day from noon till the week hours of the morning. Try your hand in a Caribbean stud poker game for a taste of something local.

Crystal Casino is one of the most classy plazas to play in Aruba, with Austrian crystal chandeliers, gold – leaf columns, Spanish mirrors, and Italian brass and marble. Crystal is also one of the most popular places in Aruba. This nearly 1,394-square – meter parlor is open 24 hours a day, featuring more than 360 slot machines, roulette tables, craps, blackjack tables, Caribbean studio poker, and Texas hold them in hand.

The Stellaris Casino is the largest on the island and is open 24 hours a day. The Aruba Marriott resort & Stellaris casino has 26 game tables and over 500 slots.

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