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Africa has a broad variety of attractions for tourists and is the second largest and second most populous continent in the world. It includes 6% of the earth’s total surface region and 20% of its land region at some 30.3 million km2, with neighboring islands.

In the North is the Mediterranean Sea; in the North is the Isthmus of Suez and in the Red Sea; in the South West the Indian Ocean and in the Atlantic. Madagascar and different archipelagos are part of the mainland.

There are five four fully-recognized sovereign countries, nine territories and two de facto autonomous, restricted or unrecognized countries.

Africa is a famous destination for individuals seeking distinctive cultures and vibrant wildlife from Sahara and Arab culture from the northern to lush rainforests and the vibrant Savannah countryside from the south.

A guided tour is an excellent way to experience this eclectic continent. There are many great choices, both for visitors looking for day trips and for those looking for guided tours.

These are the best tours you can take in Africa.

1. Cable ticket and hop-on-hop-off busses Table Mountain

This is an excellent option to explore the primary attractions in the town with no need to worry about transport. The City sightseeing has 4 busses through Cape Town and this ticket will allow you to access all of them.

You also receive an audio guide to provide you with complete tour experience. One bus route brings you to the Table Mountain Base, where you can get to the cable car from the top with this ticket.

You can thus take in the amazing view of Cape Town without worrying about the climb.

2. Hotel Pick-Up Ticket for Robben Island Ferry

Visit the prison of Nelson Mandela during the Apartheid Era and get to know South Africa’s dark history on this trip.

A guide, a prisoner at the same time as Mandela, is taking you around the island and into the former prison.

You will find out all about the treatment of inmates, and about Apartheid start and end throughout the nation. Cape Town hotel pick-up is included free of charge.

3. Cairo: Viewpoint Tour of Pyramids

Giza’s Great Pyramids are the most famous sights in Egypt and this tour provides you an excellent view of the region.

Photographers will like to capture the ancient monuments from unique perspectives, while historical fans will love to learn more about why they were constructed. You will also visit the temple of the valley, which was mummified before kings were in the pyramids.

There will also be a stop at the Sphinx that will bring you on one trip to all major attractions in the region.

4. Cairo: Nile River Dinner Cruise

Another common tourist attraction in Egypt is the Nile River; the nation is the base of the 4000-mile long river.

This cruise takes you across the Nile River that runs across Cairo and allows you to enjoy the convenience of the boat through the city’s lights and the atmosphere. A buffet dinner, which is served during the whole cruise, is served on board.

There’s also live entertainment, such as an Arabic belly dancer, that allows you to learn about some contemporary Egyptian culture. The hotel will pick up and leave the hotel.

5.Livingstone Island tour and Devil’s Pools from Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a truly amazing tour that adds to your itinerary in Africa, the biggest waterfall in the world by region.

You will travel this morning around Livingstone Island near the falls. Here, the views over the main fall as well as some of the smaller ones nearby are treated for excellent.

Sweetheart seekers also have the opportunity to swim in the Devil’s Pool, a natural pool that overlooks the falls. A traditional bush breakfast is served on the island.

6. Half-day Desert Quad and Dromedary Tour in Marrakech

This half-day journey will allow you to enjoy some of Berbers ‘ nomadic culture and to drive through the wilderness when you visit Morocco for only a brief journey.

The traditional nomadic clothing you will be supplied with as you travel through the palm trees through a dromedary (a single bumped Arabian camel) to a Berber town.

You’ll be treated in the village to a tea break with locals before you go on your quad-bike desert adventure. The Marrakech collection and departure are included.

7. Day Tour to the Chefchaouen Blue Town from Fez:

Chefchaouen is renowned for its light blue edifices and is popular with Instagrammers. The 12-hour tours include a journey from Fez to the city.

You will see photogenic architecture in the past and educate you about culture and local history by your knowledgeable tour guide. Spectacular views of the Rif Mountains are also offered to you.

You will be able to visit several museums of the city and explore at your own speed four hours of free time. The trip finishes in the square with dinner before leaving for Fez.

8. Traditional 4 hour cooking class tour of Kumasi

African food with many distinctive flavors and textures is varied. You can enjoy this tour of Kumasi, discover the secrets of Ghanaian cuisine and immerse yourself in the universe of western African cuisine.

You are taken to some of the city’s finest markets to supply all your ingredients.

Then you will be shown how a skilled local chef can prepare Ghana’s most famous meals. You will take a broad variety of lessons – from wakye to koose.

9. 2-day Lakes Nakuru and Naivasha tour from Nairobi.

Due to its natural beauty and lively fauna, Kenya is a famous safari destination. The trip brings you to the lakes of Nakuru, Naivasha, and African wildlife, where you will find lions, rhinos and zebra.

The two-day trip involves a driver and a guide who will pick up from your hotel in Nairobi.

You will travel by ship through the river to the indigenous Hippo population. Group sizes are restricted so that you experience more intimately.

10. Nairobi: Full-Day Adventure trip to Hell’s Gate National Park

This full-day trip is a good way to discover the primary attractions and cultural experiences in a brief space of time when you are in Kenya only for a short time.

Pick up from your Nairobi hotel is included so that you can go stress-free to the National Park.

Your skilled local guide will speak to you about the lovely scenery, the varied fauna, and the hippos, zebras and other livestock in the area.

A Maasai tribe will also be met and genuine Kenyan cuisine is served.

11. 7-Day Trek to Mount Kilimanjaro

The highest mountain in Africa is the final task for walkers and enables them to securely reach the summit during the course of a week.

This trip includes all lodging, security devices, food, and porters. Experienced guides are available to make sure your climb is fit and healthy.

It offers various landscapes including rain forests, savannas, and mountain climates, and is the world’s highest independent mountain.

It’s not for the tired; you need a nice degree of fitness to handle the ascent effectively.

12. 3 hours Guided tour for Slave routes of Zanzibar

Until its abolition in the 19th century, Zanzibar played a main role in the Arab slave trade.

You can visit some of the significant historic locations throughout the island to get to know the darker parts of the history of Africa.

On a stroll through Mangapwani caves, you will visit the previous locations of the slave markets and ports. Stone Town pick-up and departure, as well as admission charges,  are included.

A guide is a place with extensive and in-depth experience of Zanzibar history.

13. Private Walking Tour with a Local Guide to Antananarivo

Madagascar is still slightly off the beaten tourist road, but a distinctive African experience worth seeing.

This city trip includes an expert guide who can assist you adapt your knowledge to your needs. The walking trip is a good way to discover the capital of Madagascar through local eyes and allows you to focus on the town before further trips.

You can also meet other residents and hear the stories of Antananarivo and the remainder of the island. Depending on the trip you want to see, the trip can last from two hours to half a day.

14. Uganda: 5 Day Primates Experience

There are several distinct kinds of primates from Uganda, and many of them are known for this five-day experience.

You can communicate with distinct animals, from gorillas to chimpanzees and learn about the conservation attempts of local organizations.

This tour also includes a cultural visit to Bwindi to talk to local people. The airport is included with accommodation and transport.

15. Douz: 2-Day Trek to the Sahara Desert

Tunisia is another excellent alternative, whereas most visitors in the Sahara choose Morocco or Egypt if you want something somewhat more budget-friendly and off-path.

This two-day trek to the Sahara from Douz enables you to walk on a camel, led by the local camel men.

You will be spending time in North Africa with the indigenous Berber people and staying under the desert sky for a night. All rooms are equipped with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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