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The United States is home to a diverse landscape from sea to shiny sea — both culturally and physically. Spending months traveling across its vast landscape gave you a deep appreciation for all the country has to offer.

Here is a Quick guide for USA best Tourism places:

The United States is a country of 50 states, with Alaska in the northwest and the presence of Hawaii extending into the Pacific Ocean. The major Atlantic Coast cities include New York City, the global center for finance and culture; the capital, Washington, DC. Midwestern Chicago metropolis is known for influential architecture.

Las Vegas is the Mecca for gambling and entertainment, New Orleans is known for jazz and mardi gras, American Revolution sites in Boston, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco; and Walt Disney World is hosted in Orlando.

There are beaches along the coast of California while there are skiing resorts on the Rocky Mountains. The Yellowstone geysers, the towering Yosémites Waterfalls and the vast Grand Canyon are the national park’s highlights. Iconic hamburgers, New York pizza and Texas barbecue, New England seafood and Philadelphia cheeses are foods that vary as well as the weather.

And explore territories of the United States – Currently, the United States has sixteen territories, five of which are permanently inhabited: Puerto RicoGuamNorthern Mariana Islands, United States Virgin Islands and American Samoa. Several islands in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are dependent territories of the United States.

You never really realize how large Texas is until you go through several cross country trips throughout the continental United States. Damn it’s big state! Therefore here we provide you with a list of the best places to visit in the USA.

(Note: Note here we listed some best places to explore. There are a lot more incredibly breathtaking places in USA )

1. Memphis (City in Tennessee)

Memphis is a southwest Tennessee town along the Mississippi River, known for its influential blues, soul and rock n roll strains.

The legendary Sun Studio was recorded by Elvis Presley, B.B. King and John Cash. Presley’s mansion at Graceland’s is popular. The Rock’n’Soul Museum, Blues Hall of Fame and the Stax Museum of American Soul music are some of the other music landmarks.

Memphis appears to like her best days behind, gritty, industrial, and a little down, but do not let the harsh outdoors fool you — there still are murderous food and a vibrant blues music scene in the cities ..

Moreover, Graceland (Elvis’s house) is a great waterfront to go for the King’s fans, and the phenomenally detailed museum of civil rights is in motion (it’s enormous, so don’t rush it!).

Visitors can also watch guitars being crafted at the Gibson Beale Street Showcase. Blues, jazz and rock ‘n’ roll spill out from the clubs along Beale Street, and restaurants dish up Memphis-style barbecue and soul food.

You can enjoy the city better than you expected and when you got to leave, you were disappointed.

2. Austin (City in Texas)

Austin is Texas ‘ state capital, an inland town bordering the Hill Country area.

Austin has everything: the warm weather, the animated honky tones, and the live music, the funky house bars on Rainey Street, the great walking and biking trails and lots of outdoor activities.

The numerous parks and lakes are popular for walks, bikes, swimming and boating. The United States Grand Prix took place on the Formula One Circuit of the Americas in the South of the city.

With everything ranging from an increasingly crowded food truck to the Whole Foods Store with the amazing grilled pineapple bar, you’re able to eat and eat well without stopping.

The University of Texas ‘ Austin campus gives the city youthful energy, with a liberal approach which attracts a diverse and eclectic populace.

3. New Orleans (City in Louisiana)

New Orleans is a city near the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana, on the Mississippi River. It is known for its 24-hour nightlife, lively live – music scene and spicy, unique cuisine which reflects its history as a melting pot of French, African and American cultures. Nicknamed “Big Easy.”

Mardi Gras, the late – winter carnival known for the rugged costumed parades and street parties, embodies its festive spirit.

Frenchmen Street in Faubourg Marigny houses bars & clubs that offer live jazz, blues and rock music. Streetcar lines have been in operation since 1835, including the St. Charles Road.

The town with soul is New Orleans. There are difficult times to see, but most places live with an unequaled zeal for life. It has a rich, long history and is full of delicious francophone Creole and Cajun food, live jazz music, street artists, and a tribute to all of life’s temptations.

Here in the Big Easy, life is well lived. You’re not here to relax – come to indulge yourself here! New Orleans is one of the cities in the United States which is most eclectic and lively.

4. Asheville (City in North Carolina)

Asheville is the Portland of the mountains of northern Carolina. Full of deliciously hand – made beer, food and hipsters, the area is much appreciated and close to some beautiful and picturesque walks like the Carolina Mountain Trail.

In addition, the town has plenty of parks, and the Ashville Botanical Gardens near the campus of college are always available to guests wanting closer.

The beautiful Smoky Mountains can be easily reached by road, and the huge property of Biltmore is on the outskirts of the city, once George Vanderbilt’s home and the largest private property in the US.

There are many venues for regional and touring events in the town and musical, plays and dance productions are presented in theatres. It is also famous for its plenty of microbreweries and a food scene for agriculture.

The Thomas Wolfe Memorial is dedicated to the novelist and is located in his home in the victorian manner. The Appaleachian Trail and the nearby Blue Ridge Parking is considered an east entrance to Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Asheville offers walking and scenic driveways.

5. The Pacific Coastal Drive (Highway in California)

california state route 1 the Pacific coastal drive

State Route 1 is a major north-south state highway running along most of California’s Pacific coastline. It is the longest state route in California, with a total of just over 659 miles.

It is one of the world’s most scenic drives up the Pacific Coast. The drive to Portland was incredible, The track was unbelievable: sheer cliffs, forests descending to the coast, thousands of beaches and gigantic redwood.

The whole way is jaw-dropping. Be ready to progress slowly, as you often hitch to stop, walk and admire the view. Bandon and Coos Bay, Oregon, and Mendocino, California you may like in particular.

The PCH starts at Interstate 5 South of San Juan Capistrano in Southern California and ends at U.S 101 in Leggett in Mendocino County.

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6. Redwood National and State Parks (Northern California’s coast)

redwood national and state parks northern california’s coast


Huge forest system with a great number of tall redwood trees, paths, campsites, etc. The National and State Parks of Redwood are a string of protected forests, beaches and grasslands along the coast of Northern California. The State Park of Jedediah Smith has paths through dense, historically growing forests. Fern Canyon with the high, plant – covered walls of the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Roosevelt elk is common in Elk Prairie nearby. The Redwood National Park’s Lady Bird Johnson Grove is the giant redwood clusters.


Did you know: ‘ Hyperion ‘ is the tallest living redwood, and is 379.3 feet high.

Redwood National Park is located along the Pacific Coast, a large area of giant redwood trees full of picnic areas, campgrounds and miles of walking trails. Trails range from easy to difficult, and many trails go to nearby beaches. It is absolutely beautiful, amazing and in all ways humble.

7. Glacier National Park (National park in Montana)

Park is More than 700 miles of trails with diverse landscapes & abundant wildlife.

Most of the park was still closed and snow remained around the place too early in the year. You will be amazed by the area: beautiful snowy mountains rise high to the sky; a beautiful still lake where the great mountains and glaciers can be enjoyed; and many hiking trails.

It was the most blowing place on your journey that you saw and you can see why everyone loves it. 

McDonald Lake is Glacier National Park’s largest lake. It is located in Flathead County in Montana, U.S. State at 48 ° 35′N 113 ° 55′W. McDonald Lake is 10 milles long and about 1000 ft wide, filling a valley of erosion and glaciation. Lake McDonald fills the valley.

8. Denver (Colorado’s capital)

denver colorado s capital tour

Denver, Colorado’s capital, is an American city dating back to the Old West. The oldest block in the city, Larimer Square, contains monuments from the 19th century. Among museums, Denver Art Museum and also the mansion of famed Titanic survivor Molly Brown, an ultra – modern complex known for its collection of indigenous works. Denver is also a skiing jumping point for the nearby Rocky Mountains ski resorts.

Denver is a mixture of outdoor roughness and big urban life city, not just because of it’s legal for marijuana / cannabis.

The locals are unbelievably friendly and clean. It has an enormous craft beer scene, fine restaurants (including Sushi Sasa), a big international airport with plenty of connections and close proximity to the mountains of the Republic of Boulder.

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9. Chicago

When the weather is nice, I don’t think there’s a better city in the United States. Set on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago has world-class food (try the deep dish, sushi, and hot dogs), the fun and kitschy Navy Pier, Millennium Park with its famous bean-shaped statue, a kick-ass aquarium, and iconic architecture (be sure to take a Boat architecture tour). And once the winter deep freeze is over, Chicagoans burst out of their homes to enjoy the summer weather, so there’s positive, happy vibe emanating through the city. Take advantage of it.

For more travel tips on Chicago, check out this detailed planning guide.

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10. New York City

new york city the city that never sleeps

The city that never sleeps. ‘Nuff said. You can’t go wrong here.

New York City consists of five districts that meet the Atlantic Ocean on the Hudson River. Its heart lies in Manhattan, one of the most important business, financial and cultural centres, a densely populated district in the world. Skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and the sprawling Central Park include its iconic sites. The theater is held in Times Square, which has neon lighting.

11. Natchez

I was most surprised by this Mississippi city. I didn’t know anything about it, but Natchez was recommended as a place to see historic 19th-century homes, built by isolated plantation owners wanting to get away in the summer and interact and socialize with each other. As cotton became king, the houses became ever larger and more elaborate. Now, they are historic monuments, and you can tour them while enjoying a view of the Mississippi River. It’s far off the beaten path — and my favorite discovery from my last road trip.

12. Savannah

Sitting on Georgia’s coast, Savannah escaped the wrath of the Civil War, allegedly because Sherman thought it was too pretty to be destroyed. With streets lined with Spanish moss–covered trees, large and inviting parks, and a bustling waterfront, Savannah is a wonderful place to experience the slow pace of the Old South. I had visited this city many, many years ago, but its beauty, Southern comfort food, and tranquility stuck with me over the years.

13. Grand Canyon

Words can’t accurately describe how incredible the Grand Canyon is. It’s breathtaking in so many ways —its sheer size, fantastic depth, red hues, and striking vistas. Most people simply stand at the edge of the canyon and look out across it, but its true size and beauty are best appreciated with a hike down to the bottom. Make the time to hike down to the Colorado River, hike the less visited trails, spend the night, and hike back up for sunset.

14. Nashville

A little bit country, a little bit tech, Nashville is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US and rightly so. It’s got a wonderful music scene (duh), a growing cocktail bar scene, and some down-home Southern restaurants. There’s not a lot of “touristy stuff” to do here, but what make this city one of my favorites are the music, the food, the wildly friendly and happy people, and the positive energy the city seems to exude. When you’re here, plan to spend a few hours at the Tennessee State Museum. It goes into great (though sometimes very one-sided) detail about the state’s history, but it’s more exciting than you might think.

15. San Francisco

Food of every nature, hipsters, high tech, and a diverse population make San Francisco one of my favorite places to visit. Additionally, it’s close to some wonderful national parks, like Muir Woods, where you can escape the city and go hiking amid giant trees.

This city is changing fast (for good or ill) and I’m always looking forward to my next visit. San Francisco has so much to do that you need at least four days to really appreciate it. The city is one of the cultural centers of the United States and not to be missed.

16. Miami

Miami is an international city at Florida’s southeastern tip. Its Cuban influence is reflected in the cafes and cigar shops that line Calle Ocho in Little Havana. On barrier islands across the turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay is Miami Beach, home to South Beach.

This glamorous neighborhood is famed for its colorful art deco buildings, white sand, surfside hotels and trendsetting nightclubs.

White sand beaches, Cuban food, wild nightlife, gorgeous people, and amazing warm weather — what’s not to love about Miami! I don’t think I could ever live here, but for a weekend of fun in the sun, Miami is perfect.

17. San Diego

Forever warm and sunny, San Diego’s weather creates a permanently happy population that’s friendly and outgoing and that loves the outdoors – from hiking, days at the beach, or running….and they are always happy to show people their city.

The downtown Gaslamp area — as well as the famous Pacific Beach — is full of trendy seafood restaurants, bustling bars, and some seriously life-changing taco stalls. we love San Diego.

18. California Wine Country

California is home to some of the best wine in the world, and a visit to the Sonoma and Napa Valley regions will reward you with some fine dining in addition to the wine. Take the short trip from San Francisco and learn to appreciate wine!

Tip: Sonoma is cheaper than Napa.

19. Lake Tahoe

Though the water level of the lake, as well as the flora and fauna around it, is sadly depleted due to the California drought, Lake Tahoe is still nonetheless impressive and beautiful. Ringed by tiny mountain communities, this is a terrific place for hiking and boating in the summer and skiing in the winter.

20. Anywhere in Montana

A lot has been written about how stunning Montana is, but it’s all wrong. It’s even better than words can describe. It’s the most crazy beautiful state I’ve ever been to, filled with wondrous mountains and hills as far as the eye can see. The people are super cool, welcoming, and outdoorsy, too. If I had to pick a favorite state, it would be Montana. we just love Montana.

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21. Washington D.C.

The capital of the United States is a vibrant, international city, and that’s what we love about it. It’s second only to NYC in diversity of people and food (which is to be expected with so many people from international aid organizations and embassies).

You hear a million accents in this town! Throw in the free Smithsonian museums, lots of parks, a riverfront for strolling or running, and some historic government buildings and monuments, and D.C. becomes one phenomenal place to visit, relax, eat, and drink!

22. Cape Cod

We spent a lot of summers on the Cape since it’s where New Englanders escape for the summer.

You’ll find plenty of small beach towns along the coast (Provincetown and Hyannis being the most famous but we also love Chatham, Falmouth, Wellfleet, and Brewster). If you’re looking for seafood, beaches, boardwalks, and hat perfect family vacation, visit the Cape!

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23. Boston

 We love Boston and cherish visits home. Boston rocks, It’s historic (founded in 1630), smallish, easy to get around, and filled with awesome and loyal people.

It’s home to a ton of activities, like the Freedom Trail and Faneuil Hall, the JFK Museum, and the Boston Commons and Public Garden, as well as some of the best Italian and seafood restaurants in the country. Be sure to eat at Zaftigs for the best brunch in the city! It’s wicked!

24. Las Vegas

Vegas, baby, Vegas! A lot of people are turned off by the bright lights and gambling, but Vegas is much more than the casinos, expensive clubs, and hotels on the famous Strip.

There’s incredible hiking nearby at Red Rocks National Park, a growing art scene, a booming tech scene thanks to Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project, and lots of concerts and shows. Get off the Strip, explore the real Vegas (because technically the Strip is located in Paradise, NV, not Las Vegas), and see why people decide to live here.

25. Portland

Portland is incredible. I would move there if it had a bigger airport with better connections. Here you’ll find an impressive food truck scene, cool bespoke bars and cocktail lounges, a craft beer scene that’s religion to residents, relaxing parks (including a peaceful Japanese garden), a vibrant art scene, and hiking in the nearby mountains.

Portland is just an awesome city, especially in the summer when the weather is perfect and there are festivals and events galore, like the World Domination Summit and the Portland International Beerfest.

26. Seattle

Home to a little business called Starbucks, it also boasts an exciting downtown, fresh fish, authentic Asian food, art museums, and funky nightlife.

In historic Pioneer Square, you can go on an underground tour of the city’s ruins (a hella cool experience). Moreover, you’re right on the water and, weather permitting can head out onto Elliott Bay to explore some little islands. Seattle is just a cool city.

There’s always something to do there, it’s techy, and everyone is relaxed. Plus, there’s craft beer and coffee — what’s not to love about that!

27. Deadwood

Tucked away in western South Dakota, this town was famous during the Old West days, noteworthy enough to be the focus of an HBO series. Sort of kitschy and re-created, it’s nonetheless a very cool place where you can experience a taste of the old frontier days. It’s also conveniently located near the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore.

28. Kansas City

We really loved kansas city, which features some of the world’s best BBQ, a lively downtown, and cutting-edge technology like Google Fiber. There’s also a detailed and enlightening jazz museum here, as well as the eye-opening Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. we wish you could have spent more time, but that’s just more reason to come back.

***The United States is filled with too many “must sees” places to visit to list in a single blog post. After all, the country is home to over 350 million people and covers 3.8 million square miles. But for those looking for a starting point for where to go, what to see, and the places to visit, this list should point you in the right direction and fill your time!

Just be sure to turn off the highways, head to the small towns, and discover some favorites of your own. The best of the USA is always away from the major highways in the little no name towns with little diners, quirky shops, and friendly people!

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