The world is packed with inexpensive locations, and finding them takes little effort. Even nations we believe are very cost-effective are budget-friendly if you understand certain tips and tricks, regardless of what continent you can visit with a budget always.

We are talking about all the favorite budget travel destinations. No destination really is ever “too costly.”

looking for best places to travel on a budget
looking for best places to travel on a budget

These are the most popular places in every country and region to make your cash the most value, meet friendly locals and travelers, have fun and eat well.

If you want to travel on a cheap budget and ask where you are going.

here are the 12+ best and cheapest places to travel internationally

1. Fiji

laying in a hammock in fiji
Most of us think of Pacific island destinations as expensive destinations, full of costly resorts, food, and services. But that’s not always the case. Fiji is actually quite cheap to visit, unlike its costly neighbors to the island and sharp marketing of Fiji water.

Whilst the nation has many 1,000 dollars a night, without having to mortgage, you can enjoy untouched beaches, world-class dive, delicious seafood and friendly locals.

Since Fiji is the stop on Fiji Airlines, there are many airport deals to fly into Fiji. Many people benefit from this, a tiny community of backpackers has appeared, which implies that inexpensive guest homes, transportation, and events, particularly in the famous Yasawa Islands.

You can also save cash by using all these deals, even if you’re not a backpacker. Fiji should not be missed as one of the finest budget locations in the area.

2. Central America

Wants to wander through old ruins, walk in the jungle, surf, eat great food with a small number of visitors?

Then, visit Central America’s smaller nationsEl Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. This hotel includes most budget hotels for about $15 per night, meals at $3, most bus trips at the same price, and beer at less than $1.

These are costly destinations according to regional norms, Beliza, Panama, Costa Rica. You can spend $40 a day as a backpacker or splash up to $60 a day and live big if you visit Central America. In this portion of the globe, your cash gets really far.

3. Cambodia

a monk at Angkor Wat Cambodia
Cambodia is one of everybody’s favourite nations in the region, although you can list all of South-East Asia-it is Cheaper, lovely and local people are extremely hospitable.

A private, air-conditioned room is available only for $20, street food for $2 and country transport for $20 per day. You live big if you spend nearly $50 a day.

The price of Cambodia is as cheap as all its neighboring countries, it’s equally beautiful and iis one of the world’s cheapest backpackers!

4. China

shanghai china at night
Since Marco Polo crossed the Silk Road, China has been fascinated by travelers.

China is a super cheap destination, budget destination and one of Asia’s cheapest destination.

You must leave the large towns. Sure, the towns continue to be a business. Hostels costs under $20 per day, food costs under $2-5 per food, and city-wide transport is under $1.

When you get away from the beaten path and the interior, the country becomes even cheaper. You’ll find the best travel deals and shopping in this place! China continues to be one of the world’s top value spots.

5. South Korea

South Korea is not a sufficiently spoken nation. South Korea is one of the world’s most unknown locations. It is high-tech, food blowing eclectic and delicious, the landscape is magnificent and nightlife is lovely.

It is one of the most undervalued places to travel. It’s difficult to build a budget in South Korea with a currency of 1,100 for $1 USD and most of all cost only several thousand won.

Beer bottles can be picked for less than one dollar in 7-eleven.

You can go to South Korea for a budget journey to Asia. There are many flights to South Korea.

6. India

the country side in india
India is the cheapest country, you get 73 rupees to the dollar – This is almost 50% more traveling cash. If you don’t book five-star resorts and only eat western food, it will be difficult for you to spend $30 to $50 a day.

India is an inexpensive return destination, with a wealthy cultural history, excellent cuisine, helpful and curious local people, the incredible diversity of the region, excellent tea and much to see.

Either one great journey, or some smaller pieces, is the best spot to explore. Don’t miss India anyway.

7. Eastern Europe

a little town near velinko tarnovo, bulgaria
The cheapest part of the continent is Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova).

You can stay for less than $40 a day, you can spend $8 a night for a room in Ukraine, $1,50 for a liter of beer in Bulgaria and few dollars for transportation.

The charm and beauty of Eastern Europe is Western, without the elevated rates or hordes of visitors in Paris, Prague and Barcelona.

They are not, for the most part, the poor ex-communist countries. Come to this part of the globe if you are looking a bit more off the beaten road.

8. Portugal

the cityscape of lisbon, portugal
Portugal is one of the bargain countries in the region.

Wonderfully priced beaches, vineyards, beautiful rock-cliffs, delicious food, cheerful local people and historic towns all at bargain prices.

In the latest years, Portugal has become much more common and crowded. Lisbon has become particularly costly if individuals migrate and increase prices.

After all, it’s an excellent place! But once you get outside Lisbon, the prices are comparatively cheap, even though the crowd is a bit bigger nowadays!

9. Australia

the australian outback
Although Australia is not likely to be listed on a “cheap destination” list because it is known to be extremely costly, it could also be unbelievably cheap – if you understand a few tricks!

You can visit Australia on a budget for lots of job exchanges, a busy budget backpacker path, plenty of Couchsurfing hosts and affordable food.

In addition, thanks to the 20% drop in Australian dollars, Australia has tempered this price increase and made Australia the cheapest in many years.

10. Thailand

ko tarato national park in souther thailand
Thailand is an unbelievable location. Thailand is the core of Southeast Asia with a tourist path that goes back decades.

Cheap guesthouses, road food, local bus and attractions are available between $25 and 30 per day.

You will pay about US$ 50 a day if you’re spending all the time on the islands and cheap housing. However, Thailand still remains one of the most affordable locations in the globe, even at the cost!

11. Jamaica

ocho rios in jamaica

Jamaica is a legendary destination, but 2019 is the year to find Kingston, the Caribbean capital’s undeveloped, culture wealthy region.

Discover the local dance halls, tour the Trench Town Culture Yard and see one side of the country that few Americans will take the opportunity to experience before they jump to the northern beaches.

A high-speed, recent road connecting Kingston with Ocho Rios, the guests can create an easy north journey to combine town and beach holidays with a tour, particularly the new S Hotel in Montego Bay, which opens in January in a sleek and sexy South Beach style.

Take a journey through the history of reggae music while you leave Sangster International Airport.

12. Lisbon, Portugal

lisbon portugal travel on a budget

The cheapest European city is Lisbon. It has a wealthy history, a wonderful architecture, and excellent local cuisine and wines, all without Paris and London’s high price tag.

There are plenty of shops and Bargains around every corner. Spend just 1 € in the historical Pasteis de Belém Café for a custard-filled pastel de nata in the city.

A Lisbon town pass is € 19 and offers you 24 hours entry to all things, including trains on the picturesque tramway and beautiful lift access to all kinds of monasteries, from contemporary museums to historical monasteries.

Local wine bars charge less than € 3 per glass of wine; even swan restaurants have bottles available for less than € 10 (try a glass of wine for that price in the New York City).

A wonderful aquarium, science museum and a true castle can be visited on the waterfront. Central, familiar Martinhal Chiado offers fully-service flats with kitchens from approx. $150 per night. Hence Lisbon is great for families. 

The decent price involves free use of baby facilities, from flask warmers to walkers; a complimentary club of children that operates slowly so that parents can eat alone; and a free buffet breakfast with cakes and those awesome cream tasting snacks.

13. Cuba

cuba travel on a budget
cuba travel on a budget

Americans can always visit Cuba — and you should! Cuba is an amazing destination for travelersand also an inexpensive destination. Staying in a private house (houses for the rent of room) is an excellent way to experience the region and also meets the visa requirement for the category “assistance of the Cuban people.”

Although you can do it for less, make sure you have enough to stay in, transport, and food (and rum) on a $100 daily basis.

In order to comprehend better the location, we also highly suggest going with a group or hiring a guide. For the upcoming tours, check out Damesly.

Final Words…

We think most of the world’s destinations are budget-based without sacrificing too much convenience. most of them have journeyed to Iceland for $50 per day.

If you are a skilled tourist, it is simpler to maximize cash wherever you go. However, finding the cheapest locations in the globe is simpler if you are in the cheapest locations.

So, go and save one of the places! Please leave a comment below and add suggestions on your budget destination as well!

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