Japan is an island country of dense cities and imperial palaces in the Pacific with its mountainous parks and thousands of temples and shrines.

Located in the Pacific Ocean off East Asian continent, Japan is an island country that extends from the Okhotsk Sea north to the East China and the Philippine Sea south. Japan is located at East Asia on East Asia’s Pacific Coast.

Shinkansen bullet trains connect the main islands of Kyushu (with Okinawa’s subtropical beaches), Honshu (home to Tokyo and Hiroshima’s atomic-bomb memorial) and Hokkaido (famous for skiing). The capital of Tokyo is famous for skyscrapers, shoppers and pop culture.

Well known for it’s futuristic and cutting – edge technologically advanced cities, Japan also has numerous sides and visitors can spend time trying and seeing as much as they can for its historic cities and rich cultural heritage.

You can watch a robot show one minute and later explore the rich and distinctive culture of Japan through their handcraft, custom and traditions, an intoxicating mix between ancient and new.

There are many things to see and do with amazing nature and wildlife lying alongside vast cities like Tokyo and Osaka, and visitors are invariably surprised at all that they’ve done.

Here are a number of the best tours that help you get a better understanding of Japan. 

18. Akihabara – buzzing shopping hub

akihabara buzzing shopping gaming hub
akihabara buzzing shopping gaming hub

All nerds calling! Akihabara has earned the famous title of geek capital in the world. You are hard pressed to find a more concentrated geek culture collection on this planet, from anime and manga to video games and computers. If you want to experience a coffee maid (or somewhat riskier) you just have to look at fantastic Akihabara.

Be careful when going to shops, although a handful of them are considered to be well above the category “safe for jobs.” Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you just …

17. Naoshima – Art Museums

naoshima art museums island town in japan’s seto inland sea
Nnaoshima art museums island town in japan’s Seto inland sea

Naoshima is an island in the Seto Inland Sea, the official part of Kagawa Prefecture. Although this is a beautiful rustic holiday from Tokyo, this island’s many modern museums, architecture and sculptures are best known on this. The famous architect Ando Tadao designed many of them. The Chichu Art Museum, the Lee Ufan Museum and the Benesse House are several places to keep your eyes on.

Did you know: Naoshima has two public ferry ports: Miyanoura and Honmura

As you could imagine to go to Naoshima, there is a real pain on the back. Before you can catch a ferry to the island you will have to travel to Uno port in the prefecture of Okayama, or Takamatsu port in Kagawa Prefecture. The harbors/ports themselves are hard enough to find the island alone and therefore plan a long journey and expect to remain in the area overnight.

16. Shibuya – Scramble Crossing

japan shibuya scramble crossing
japan shibuya scramble crossing

One of Tokyo’s most iconic sights, without doubt, It is the famous Scramble Crossing by Shibuya Station. This busy intersection has foot traffic of up to 2,8 million people on an average weekday. Yes, 2,8 million people are every day!. If you try to snap the perfect selfie into the insanity of the passageway, you should only take care of yourself when traffic signals turn red!

Apart from the mindset of Shibuya, many of Tokyo’s hippest clothing brands can be found here. Several cutting-edge fashion shops are located on or around the Center Gai Street. For many shoppers, the famous Shibuya 109 Shopping Center/mall is a famous legendary haunt and it just a few minutes from the train station.

1. Gion Night Walk (Geisha District of Kyoto)

Kyoto's Geisha District

Gion is the most old and traditional part of Kyoto and is delight for walking around and is known for the geishas working here.

From their everyday life, to their hair – styles, to the history of geishas, the guide will tell you all about them and you can certainly learn lot.

The night walk is magical as the traditional street buildings and the tour is just as informative as it is fun. This tour is strongly recommended and should be checked by all who take it out.

2. Full Day Scenic Bus Tour to – Mount Fuji from Tokyo

Mount Fuji

Mountain Fuji stand on the surrounding countryside and is just amazing to be seen, with major place in Japanese culture. So, if it’s must see in Japan.

Mount Fuji is always behind it, and at the 5th Mt. Fuji station, your stop offers you amazing views and photos of the majestic stratovulcano.

Along the way, you will walk along the lake at the lakes in Fuji, try some typical local cuisine and take picture with ninja.

3. Spectacular 90-Minute Robot Show at Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant, Tokyo

Tokyo is world renowned for its cutting edge technology, always pushes its limits and this amazing robot show lets you be astounded by what you saw.

This 90-minute exhibition in the city will certainly blur you in with the neon lights, the dancing robots, the ninjas on the show as one of the most famous and popular shows to see.

In Tokyo, visit to Robot Restaurant is simply must, unlike anything you have ever seen before.

4. Kyoto 5-Hour Walking Tour

Kyoto Walking Tour

This five hour walk will teach you all about the history, culture and architecture of Kyoto as you can enjoy wonderful day out to all the family.

You will visit the Buddhist and Shinton shrines with knowledgeable guide on hand, where you will find information about religions before you stop for some traditional workshops.

You will definitely come off on very popular tour with an increased sense of Kyoto.

5. Tokyo Coach Tour and Bay Cruise

Tokyo Coach Tour And Bay Cruise

Tokyo Coach Tour And Bay Cruise

This excursion will take you on fantastic tour of many of Tokyo’s main sights, including stops at the Meiji Jingu Shrine and the Imperial Palace East Garden.

It’ll be perfect for visitors who want the time to stop in Asakusa and Tokio Sky Treewho offer such fantastic views of the citywith loads packed into schedule.

Furthermore, the tour includes cruise through Tokyo Bay, with an amazing view of the Tokyo skyline. Well, all penny worth.

6. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Miyajima Day Tour

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

It is moving and poignant affair to visit the Hireoshima Peace Memorial and the Itsukushima Shrine as they commemorate people killed by Hiroshima’s bombing.

Hiroshima was the first place ever to be bombed by nuclear bomband the museum houses many of the things left behind by the dead, documenting what happened this tragic day ..

This tour will long live in memory with visit to the pristine, untouched nature of Miyajima Islandas part of the tour.

7. Tsukiji Fish Market: 3-Hour Food and Drink Walking Tour

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market

Wandering around the vast and extensive Tsukiji Fish Market is fun, friendly and fascinating, and you will learn lot about Japanese culinary culture.

Your guide will teach you about the fish, the history of the market itself, and perhaps you can even try some samples with fresh fish wherever you go.

Market exploration is an incredible experience and culminates in tour of sushi restaurant. This trip is perfect for foodies who love it all.

8. From Tokyo: Nikko World Heritage Full-Day Tour

Toshoguy Shrine, Nikko

Toshoguy Shrine, Nikko

Starting from Tokyo, this tour takes you to Nikko, pretty town in the mountains that is popular destination for tourists.

You will definitely come and be impressed with the sights such as the stunning Toshogu Shrine to look out for, and visit the impressive imperial Tamozawa villa and the amazing Kirifuri Falls.

Together with professional guide, you’ll come to understand and appreciate Nikko’s rich cultural heritage and history.

9. Tokyo 24-Hour Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing Bus Ticket

Hop-on Hop-off Tokyo

Hop-on Hop-off Tokyo

This sightseeing bus is ideal for people who want to visit the most important tourist attractions in Tokyo as far as possible, and there are various routes from which to choose.

You may stop at the Marunouchi Mitsubishi building and return to Tokyo Tower and the Tsukiji Ginza with many stops offered.

The audio review gives you an insight into the whole area of this remarkable city.

10. Welcome to Osaka: Private Tour with a Local Host

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

This personal guided tour revolutionizes the way you visit and brings your host to the main attractions of Osaka and some of the most popular sites.

The tour can help you to understand all the neighborhood you’re in or present you with customs and traditionsor simply to get to the best Osaka has to offer, tailored to your particular interests.

private tour with local host is the best way to experience Osakah, knowledgeable, professional and friendly.

11. From Tokyo: Mt Fuji and Hakone Trip by Shinkansen

Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji

magnificent day trip to Mount Fuji, you can look at it in all its glory and the breathtaking views will surely live in memory all day long.

After that, you’re on your way to Hakone for delicious lunch before you start cruise around the scenic Ashi Lake. Later you will take cable car for another great panorama to Mount Komagatake.

This trip will make you tired, but happy after great day of sightseeing by the bullet train back to Tokyo.

12. Kyoto and Nara: Full-Day Sightseeing Tour

Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle

This windy journey will lead you in single day to two of Japan’s former capitals and you will surely be flying in every wonderful sight you saw.

In Kyoto, before visiting the Golden Pavilion and breathtaking Imperial Palace of Kyoto, you will discover the impressive Nijos Castle.

Nara is also exciting to visit while you stop in Temple Todaiji and Taish Shrine in Kasuga, among other beautiful sights.

13. Made in Japan: Cultural Curiosities

Cultural Curiosities

Cultural Curiosities

This fascinating tour will take you deeper into the cloaked side of Tokyo while visiting small workshops and learning more about how traditional products are manufactured.

You’ll get new appreciation for number of the amazing craft products Japan produces with visited algae dealers, incense manufacturers, and confectioners included on this tour.

Before visiting shrines and shops, touring the traditional businesses is an incredible experience and is highly recommended by people involved.

14. Nagano: Snow Monkeys, Zenkoji Temple & Sake Day Trip

Nagano Snow Monkey

Nagano Snow Monkey

This fantastic tour takes you to Nagano, and you can see the majestic snow monkeys in Jigokudani, and the unique landscape and distinguishing animals are amazing.

It then headed for the Temple of Zenkoji, which was remarkablly Japan‘s first Buddhist temple. It is lovely to look at.

memorable day ends with visit to local sake brewery where you can try some of the various types.

15. Kyoto: Full-Day UNESCO and Historical Sites Tour

Full-Day UNESCO And Historical Sites Tour Of Tokyo

Full-Day UNESCO And Historical Sites Tour Of Tokyo

This tour takes you to many of the most impressive and important historical sights in the city with so much to see and do in Kyoto and definitely comes after you have all learned.

It’s amazing to visit the Sanju – san – gen – do temple with thousand 1 statues, while the Inari Sanctuary and Thousand Torri Gates can also be seen in a magnificent way.

This Kyoto tour is definitely worth seeing when it is in town with the picturesque views of the city appearing here and there and an expert guided tour on hand.


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