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20 Best Tours in Hollywood (Los Angeles, California)

Hollywood means The glamor of the TV and film industry is the first thing to remember for most people.

Hollywood tour options are within easy reach, from open – top vans to intimate walking tours on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Take a look at Hollywood historical sights and famous hangouts or discover important attractions.

You don’t have to walk too far to notice these influences during your journey. The most important activities in this area of Los Angeles focus on TV, film and celebrities.

While parts are neglected, Tinseltown mostly shines with bright lights illuminating the myriad celebrities ‘ hips, old, glitzy hotels, the lively production scene and an emerging urban cityscape. The Hollywood world is unseen!

It can be difficult to find that the perfect guided tour, especially if most Hollywood trips are, in fact, tours on the Sunset and Beverly Hills. We hopped on the top buses of Tinseltown to find you the best tours of a famous neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, tour a backpacked studio and more with this list of 20 best tours in Hollywood.

1.  Starline Tours Hop-on Hop-off

Starline Tours mainly operates a complete network from downtown to Santa Monica of dual – decker bus lines throughout the city.

hollywood starline tours

hollywood Starline tours

You are never taken hostage of a certain itinerary, unlike many full day tours. Busses get every 20-30 minutes to most of the city’s main tourist attractions, which means avoiding terrible places and lingering in more interesting spots (in just under 2 hours the Hollywood-West Hollywood-Beverly Hills loop clocks).

Between attractions, Robin Leach’s faux narration pumps every seat with headphone jackets. The sparkling British accent gives extra hilarity as Hollywood Lore tells, as in the El Pollo Loco in which Brad Pitt used to dress as a chicken or the liquor shopkeykey in which Guns N ‘ Roses was used to slosh.

Adventure-oriented wraps on the bus obscure the interior, low-level view, but the upper-level view from the open air is unforeseen wonderful. It provides even for locals a new vantage point, which truly highlights L.A.’s most attractive natural and architectural beauty.

Ticket Price: $49 adult; $30 child

2. TMZ Tour

As soon as you are escorted into the shaded, unbroken car with its blazing music, crystalline TMZ logo burning monitoring it becomes apparent that the TMZ tour is a complete experience of high – quality production.

You can’t help but feel like being on the cool bus as you cruise past other tours. The guide ribs suspicious people and they rattle: “Hey, it’s Brad Pitt!” The encyclopedic collection of local TMZ clips from Avril Lavigne to JFK is also triggered.

Like the show and the webstore, the tour mocks the celebrities culture as much as it permits — the burdensome desire to spot it somewhere on tour is behind every Britney Spears joke.

The experience basically offers three tours in one. The sightseeing aspect covers Hollywood, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills in an efficient and light-hearted manner. Moreover, it’s a celebrity hunting tour — with camera boards, guides are equipped with fodder for TMZ, leaving their success entirely fortunate.

And it’s a tribute to Harvey Levin who goes back to the story of Michael Jackson’s death in melodrama. The Tour is still a legitimately entertaining experience for those not purchased into the TMZ universe thanks to its easily accessible guides and atonal, irreverent videos, that are on the line of decency.

Honestly, where else can you play a game called “Homeless or Celebrities?” “As a homeless man with a bottle of booze stumbles beside the bus?

3. Dearly Departed’s Hollywood Tragical History Tour

dearly departed’s hollywood tragical history tour

dearly departed’s hollywood tragical history tour

Dearly Departed soon becomes the best – produced and highly accelerated tour of misery and tragedy when you leave a mini-museum of remembrance that belongs to the fantasies of Hollywood, and enter a van playing “Hooray for Hollywood.”

Where else can you hear the awful details of the infamous killings, find the sites of the last meals of celebrity people and hear a list of the famous people at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center who died? Somewhere between all photos of the crime scene and 911 tapes, do you begin to look at your Hollywood culture thesis–famousness and death?? Rises and falling? A morbid public fascination with famous death? —the point is missed solely to realize this.

This is both the culture and district itself, a fun, careful and historic tour around Hollywood. It manages to deal with Hollywood’s death history with the reverence and disgust that they deserve, both chilling and inane. Honestly, who’s not curious about visiting the house in which the Black Dahlia lived? Don’t look at the pictures of the crime scene.

4. Hollywood Blvd van tours

hollywood blvd van tours

Hollywood blvd van tours

It is very difficult to find a more practical, cost-effective way for those who are looking for a simple way to capture some photos of the tourist attractions of Hollywood and celebrity homes. However, as luxurious van and coaches pass, you can not help feeling that you are on the Hollywood tours hourly motel.

The canopy – topped transporters are a comfortable way to self drive through the gridlock and the scary narrow highways across hills. But it is only a geographical tour because it rarely delves deeper than “Eva Longoria’s House.”

Walk anywhere in Hollywood Blvd and someone will surely stop you on a discounted van tour. Prices and staff are convincing, and the experience can happily go a lot worse if Prime Time is a model.

5. Philip Mershon’s Felix in Hollywood Tour Company

philip mershon’s felix in hollywood tour company

philip mershon’s felix in hollywood tour company

In a four – mile radius of Sunset Blvd and Gower St, local Hollywood historian Philip Mershon’s entire Hollywood tour makes no mention of the Walk of Fame or Hollywood signs.

However, at the end of this tour, you visited the origins and immortal works of nearly all major Hollywood studios. Mershon is capable of recreating everything from first photo studio to the ascending Columbia and Warner Bros backlots with only a few old images and his voice while many buildings on the tour deteriorate, demolish or recast.

If you want to see attractions on a checklist, you are inevitably disappointed. But it’s perhaps the only tour in Hollywood that will give everyone else a meaningful and engaging connection to the history of yesterday’s Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

6. Half Day Hollywood and Beverly Hills Tour

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Boulevard

If you want to acquaint yourself with Hollywood, this is just the tour for you.

It takes you on a sightseeing mission of Tinseltown aboard an electric-powered Cadillac Escalade limousine, gliding through iconic streets such as the Sunset Strip and Hollywood Boulevard.

The limo will take you to visit celeb neighborhoods such as West Hollywood and Beverly Hills – but this guided outing is not all about sightseeing in the car.

You will have an hour-and-a-half to yourself to breathe in the glitz and charm as you enjoy a stroll around the world-famous shops and restaurants located on Rodeo Drive.

7. Los Angeles Celebrity Homes Helicopter Flight

Los Angeles Celebrity Homes Helicopter Flight

Los Angeles Celebrity Homes Helicopter Flight

Hollywood is not Hollywood without a taste of celebrity lifestyle.

While there are myriad reminders of that at every corner, it is not until you catch a glimpse of the glamorous pads that you know it’s real.

This 35-minute helicopter tour gives you an aerial view of LA, soaring over celebrity neighborhoods like Bel Air and Brentwood.

Fly over notable landmarks such as the Dodger Stadium and the Hollywood Sign as you soak in the majesty of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach and other iconic sights from above.

Upgrade your package and get a taste of the celebrity lifestyle – literally speaking – with snacks and champagne servings.

8. Private Hollywood and Los Angeles in a Day Tour

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Want a private tour of LA just for you and your family or group of friends? This tour gives you the wiggle room to customize it as you wish.

Irrespective of how you plan your itinerary, the beauty of this tour package is that it allows you to explore Hollywood and Los Angeles on your own terms.

The eight-hour private sightseeing tour provides you with a driver to take you around the most famous sights in the City of Angels, including Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Griffith Observatory, and the Chinese Theatre.

You will see the Hollywood Sign in as close a range as it gets, as well as sample landmarks like the Sunset Strip and Hollywood Boulevard.

9. Full-Day Los Angeles Tour with Cupcake Tasting and Museum Trip

Ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles

Ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles

It is not every day you get to search for Hollywood stars on a guided walk. This tour allows you to do just that and then some.

Limited to a dozen people for the best experience, the Full-Day Los Angeles Tour gives you a comprehensive cover of LA, with a little taste of everything the city has to offer – figuratively and literally speaking.

Board a public bus to the Farmers Market and Beverly Hills, then hitch a ride on a bike from Santa Monica to Venice Beach.

Gain free entry to the Paley Center for Media, and taste cupcakes sprinkled with stardust at a Beverly Hills bakery before taking a stroll along Rodeo Drive – America’s most exclusive shopping district.

There will be plenty of time to visit the city’s other illustrious landmarks and the lesser-known gems.

10. Hollywood Bike Tour

Hollywood Bike Tour

Hollywood Bike Tour

Who said you need to shelve your fitness plans when touring Tinseltown?

Take in the city’s most splendid views and break a sweat at the same time with this three-hour bike tour that takes you around the top attractions in historic Hollywood.

Cycle back in time by gliding through the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and pedal past Paramount Studio’s front gate, before venturing farther to explore other Hollywood classics, like the original Farmers Market, the hip Melrose Avenue, LACMA, the largest art museum in the western US, and more.

Of course, a good bike tour of Hollywood isn’t complete without biking past the Walk of Fame and other famous spots such as the Capitol Records Building.

You will get a souvenir water bottle to take home with you.

11. Los Angeles: Movie Stars’ Homes Tour

Movie Stars Homes Tour

Movie Stars Homes Tour

This is a tour that lifts the veil on the most exclusive neighborhoods in LA.

The two-hour, open-top, small passenger bus tour passes the homes of A-listers such as Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, and Nicolas Cage.

Don’t be surprised if you have close encounters with the Hollywood types along Mulholland Drive as you head into the hills for the best views of celeb town.

The tour will navigate through the most exclusive streets of Beverly Hills and Bel-Air, passing by other mansions that include the likes of power couples Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

It will then wind down Rodeo Drive before heading back to Hollywood via Sunset Strip.

12. Go on a Hike in Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills Hike

Hollywood Hills Hike

This tour is a brief reminder that while you are still in the middle of the glitz and glamour of celebrity capital, this is still Los Angeles, California.

That means beautiful natural scenery and the famous West Coast sunsets, and there is no better way to experience them than by climbing Mount Hollywood – an excursion that provides a completely different perspective on this sprawling concrete jungle.

It takes you to the highest point in the Hollywood Hills, where you can enjoy sweeping views of the city, from the skyscrapers to the trendy mansions.

A good camera on this 2.5-hour outing is a must – not just to snap the iconic Hollywood Sign, but because it promises pictures to last a lifetime.

13. Los Angeles Small Group Sightseeing Tour in German

Small Group Sightseeing Tour

Small Group Sightseeing Tour

One of the most popular tours in German on offer, this eight-hour tour gives you an exhaustive view of LA, mixing up sightseeing with the city’s film locations and best hangouts.

Starting at the heart of Downtown, the journey takes you on a historic discovery of Los Angeles that covers, among others, The Plaza Church – one of the oldest churches in LA – and the renowned Union Train Station – often christened the Last of the Great Railway Stations.

Next, check out some notable filming locations and drop by the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Concert Center, then sample the fashion district and its over 1,000 stores.

Then head over to Griffith Park to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood Sign as you revel in unparalleled views of the city.

The tour is not complete without stopping at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Chinese Theatre, with myriad other attractions also on the cards.

14. Los Angeles: 1-Hour Flight for 2 Persons

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles is one of the most scenic cities from up above; that’s partly because it packs too much posh into a single area than you will probably get anywhere.

This one-hour aerial tour for two lets you soak in the breathtaking wonders of LA, including the Hollywood Sign, Beverly Hills, Dodger Stadium, Sunset Boulevard, and Griffith Observatory.

The flight also promises million-dollar views of Santa Monica and the exquisite beaches of southern California.

What’s more, enjoy a brief stint as a pilot by getting the chance to take the controls.

15. Go Sightseeing in LA with a Hop-on-Hop-off Bus Ticket

Hop-on-Hop-off Los Angeles

Hop-on-Hop-off Los Angeles

If you are planning a couple of days in LA, this tour aboard an open-air, double-decker bus is an excellent option.

The tour – narrated in nine languages – will take you on a jump-on-jump-off sightseeing adventure of the Greater Los Angeles area with 100 stops to make.

From Downtown Los Angeles to LAX, Rodeo Drive to Hollywood, Beverly Hills to Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey to Venice Beach, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to Universal City, you are sure to learn a lot about this West Coast city.

With the option to choose between a 24-, 48-, or 72-hour pass, you will have plenty of time to shop in Beverly Hills, hit a couple of stunning beaches, and enjoy some time at famous landmarks such as the Hollywood Sign.

16. Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park 2-Hour Hiking Tour

View from Griffith Park

View from Griffith Park

Just because Los Angeles is a rambling urban landscape doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the natural side of the city, the beach notwithstanding.

This two-hour tour with a live guide takes you to the most tranquil part of the city for views of the famed LA skyline.

The trip starts at the Roosevelt Café in Los Feliz; don’t be surprised if you come across a celebrity or two around these parts.

You will then head off into the LA wilderness, where you will hike to the Griffith Observatory as you learn about the history and fables of Hollywood greats.

Entry to the Griffith Observatory is free should you opt to visit after the excursion.

17. Los Angeles at Night 30-Minute Helicopter Flight

Los Angeles at Night

Los Angeles at Night

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Los Angeles with a 30-minute flight over the city center.

This is a great way to get a different perspective of LA at night. The flight sets off just north of the Santa Monica Mountains at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank.

It takes you on an aerial treat that offers panoramic views of southern California’s landmarks, including the Staples Center, Kodak Theatre (aka the Dolby Theatre), Universal Studios, Dodger Stadium, the Hollywood sign, among others.

This is a tour for everyone, swooping over those iconic landmarks in Hollywood, delivering a splendid experience that’s well worth the price of this package.

18. Los Angeles Romantic Helicopter Tour with Mountain Landing

Los Angeles Romantic Helicopter Tour With Mountain Landing

Los Angeles Romantic Helicopter Tour With Mountain Landing

Want to treat your romantic partner to an experience that will linger long in the memory? Maybe savor a classic date experience just the two of you or remind yourselves how real, proper dates used to be? Maybe a proposal is on the cards…

Whatever the case, this package is carefully designed with two in mind.

Take a 45-minute helicopter tour that whisks you over Hollywood’s top attractions such as the Hollywood Sign, Universal Studios, the Santa Monica Pier, and celebrity homes in Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

Then land on your own private mountaintop in Malibu that promises breathtaking views of Malibu beach, where you will have 30 minutes to relish in a complimentary toast and sumptuous dessert, complete with a rose to add gloss to your romantic getaway. Memories are made of this.

19. LA Grand Tour

Los Angeles Farmers Market

Los Angeles Farmers Market

As the name suggests, this package takes you on a grand tour of Los Angeles that stretches for seven hours, with four well-picked locations to experience the city’s highlights.

You will be picked up from your hotel and head over to Santa Monica Pier, where you will have an hour to admire the views of the Pacific Ocean, take a stroll down the pier and visit 3rd Street Promenade.

The open-top tour bus will then drive you to an outdoor farmer’s market for a one-hour lunch stop. See and taste the best LA has to offer, shop at the Grove in Beverly Hills and enjoy other family-friendly activities in the area.

The third stop will be at the Griffith Observatory, before wrapping it up at the Hollywood Walk of Fame where you can take a pic (or two) with your favorite celeb’s star.

20. Take a Small Group Tour of Hollywood Sign in Luxury Van

hollywood sign small group tour in luxury van

hollywood sign small group tour in luxury van

Hollywood Sign Small Group Tour In Luxury Van

For many of us, finding ourselves at the Symbol of Dreams Come True is an item we want to cross off our bucket lists.

This one-hour tour will take you right to the top of the Hollywood Sign – the archetypal symbol of Hollywood, or Los Angeles for that matter. You can request to be picked up by the next van if you feel you haven’t had enough of the spectacular views in the time allotted.

Swing by the TCL Chinese Theatre – the famed spot that boasts over 200 Hollywood celebrity handprints and autographs – before stopping briefly at the Dolby Theatre, the home of the Oscars.

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