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Paris, of course, has a role to play, but France is more than only câlins and bisous under the shimmering lights of the blissful capital. Paris is a bigger nation in the globe, a cloak that has kept it for a better portion of this century.

France covers medieval towns, alpine villages and the Mediterranean beaches in Western Europe. Paris is renowned for its fashion houses, the Louvre Classic Museum, and the Eiffel Tower monuments. The country’s wines and advanced cuisine are also known. The antique cave drawings of Lascaux and the Roman theater in Lyons and Versailles ‘ large palace testify to the wealthy history of Lascaux.

The country is famous for its world-class cuisine, which has been on UNESCO’s list of intangible patrimony. The weather is lovely, the summers lovely and the spring and the autumn mild climate. France boasts also one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites ‘ highest and best cared for.

We have wine, language, art and culture, ski resorts and businesses and we believe that the French people’s style is worthy of mention. But France’s pure variety is the other thing that distinguishes. It’s rolling in one nation basically, physically and culturally, throughout Europe.

This means you can choose from France’s best tours, but begin here.

1. Climb the Second Floor Priority Access Eiffel Tower

The priority ticket to the Eiffel Tower second floor saves you valuable time by crossing the popular lines of the world’s best-known locations.Learn your guide about the history of the tower before going to the second floor to experience the splendor of Paris alone.

A trip of the Eiffel Tower gives you fascinating panoramic views of other renowned landmarks in the French capital, including the Louver and the Notre Dame.

2. Get a timed entry ticket into the Louvre museum

The Louvre ticket opened all over the globe for you to explore in your own speed the gates of the most renowned art museum.

You will have a full day with a dedicated skipper entrance to discover the best the Louvre has to offer, including old Egyptian Renaissance remains and masterpieces, prints from the Royal Collection and paintings from the 13th and 20th centuries. And obviously, without your glance at iconic sights including Venus of Milo and Mona Lisa, a journey to the Louvre is not complete.

3. Access to the Versailles and Gardens Palace

This tour offers full tickets in 11 languages to every section of Versailles, one of the biggest and most prestigious castle worldwide. A one day or two-day ticket lets you see how life was at the French court with a walk through the glare of Mirrors. This ticket is available in 11 languages.

Stroll through a garden of the 17th century at your own pace, the greatest of its kind in Europe, enjoying the magnificently managed ponds, fountains, and sculptures. You also wanted to explore the Petit Trianon and Grand Trianon.

4. Take a Paris Tour

Enjoy a hop-on-hop tour of Paris with 10 language audio comments including a free town map.

See the great part of the Musée d’Orsay, stroll the Champs-Elysées and admire the Notre Dame’s architecture and discover all the main highlights of the City of Light, including the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum.

The choice is between the Classic Ticket, the Premium Ticket (two days Paris touring in the double-decker bus: or the Deluxe Ticket (comparable to the Premium variant and booting on the romantic River River).

5.Monaco, Monte-Carlo & Eze Half-Day Small Group Tour

This half-day tour begins in the medieval village of Eze, where impeccable sights of the French Riviera and the Mediterranean Sea will be guaranteed.

Shoot through the fragrance factory Fragonard, before driving through the picturesque medieval village La Turbie. Then head to Monaco to see the Guard Change in Prince Palace and pay tribute to the Princess from the city of Monaco and its princesses. The tour finishes in Monte Carlo, where you take a dip in the magic of the Casino and take the Grand Prix road trip around Monaco.

6. Enjoy a day on the French Riviera

You can take a 9-hour sightseeing trip on the French Riviera through picturesque coastal highways to Moyenne Corniche, and enjoy the wonderful views over Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and Villefranche-sur-Mer.

Before heading for Monaco’s Principe, you will visit the quaint village of Eze and take part in its myriad attractions, including the Alpine Trophy, a Roman monument dating from 7 BC, and the Formula 1 track.

The travel guide will then direct You to the tourist town of Antibes which combines nautical tradition and fun and then ends with a stroll on Cannes ‘ renowned red carpet movie festival.

7. Hop-on-hop-off bus tours for 1 or 2 day

Discover Nice’s City from an open bus tour and enjoy the city’s characteristic environment with a 1-day or 2-day pass. At your own cost, you can read Nice, because hop-on-hop goods can be redeemed on the way any moment.

Do you want to relax in Cimiez while you burrow down the history of Nice? Or spend longer at Nice’s iconic road, Promenade des Anglais? Whatever your fancy strikes, this ticket includes 16 stops to safely jump on and off.

8. Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour of Colorbus Marseille

Book a tour of Marseille for 1 or 2 days and see what can be found in France’s second biggest town. The port of Marseille’s jump-on-jump-off tour enables you to enjoy the best of Marseilles, including the Chateau d’If and Notre-Dame de la Garde, on a hill overlooking the entire city. Spend some time at Vallon des Auffes’ beautiful fishing harbor, which has inspired many of the writers, poets, and painters.

The trip involves 14 bus stops in your language with an audio guide for comments.

9. Get a Marseille City Pass

Promenade of the Old Vieux Port, Marseille

The Marseille City Pass is intended for Marseilles tourists wishing to visit the city in an all-inclusive package. A 24/7 pass allows you access to many top attractions, museums, ships, trains, guided tours, public transport, etc. Marseilles is also open to all guests. You can choose 24-hour, 48-hour or 72-hour pass

A tourist train will bring you to the most renowned symbol of the city of Notre-Dame de la Garde. Or, you can go by train into the old town of Le Panier, called The Basket, and enjoy the arts, the flavor of the village, sun-baked cafés and cool hidden squares. Over there you will have a pleasant opportunity to explore the area.

10. Sightseeing bus Tour Lyon City Hop-on-Hop-off

Every tour of France should contribute to a visit to Lyon, an authentically French town renowned for its cuisine, historical heritage and contemporary architecture.

This convenient package provides a full-day bus tour covering Lyon’s main attractions. Amongst other attractions are the Basilica de Notre Dame de Fourvière, Saint John Baptiste Cathedral, and Bellecour Square with the statue of Louis XIV.

There are 13 stops to choose from and you can plan your route as you like.

11. Take a Segway Lyon tour

The 15-minute briefing begins at the Lyon Segway Tour to learn the ropes of the two-wheel private carriers. Then take a one and a half hour Segway tour, beginning with a ride along the banks of the Rhône River, which skates the most scenic plains in Lyon.

You pass the one-of-a-kind tunnel of the Croix-Rousse, an illuminated tunnel that only passes through 2 kilometers of hills for bikers and pedestrians. Enjoy the fun trip on Bellecour Square to look at the splendid monuments including Louis XIV’s equestrian statue.

12. Take a wine tour to St Emilion Village in Bordeaux.

Take a trip to Bordeaux winegrowing region to explore the vineyards and rural charm of St Emilion, a unique attraction. The picturesque village dates back to the Medieval era and a half-day wine tour through the village with its still captivating Roman ruins and churches will take you through. The tour takes you through.

Once the surroundings have ended, take a wine trip and taste at a Classified Chateau of Saint Emilion wine region, where you can learn about the surroundings.

13. Get a 24, 48 or 72 hours  Metropole Bordeaux City Pass

Bordeaux has a charm that makes it one of the cities you will never leave. Your brief trip here will be made the most easily possible by the Bordeaux Metropole City Pass. Choose a 24-hour, 48-hour, or 72-hour pass that opens many landmarks and cultural sights of the port city. Choose between free public transportation, open-top bus or the tourist train or guided tours.

A practical guidebook for lunch or dinner cruises, wine excursions and more is a component of the package.

14. Book your ferry ticket on a round trip: Cannes to Ste. Iceland Margaret

France’s beauty lies in its diversity and the ferry round trip from Cannes to Ste. This claim will be strengthened by Marguerite Island.

As quickly as you set off on the island, the sweet scent of pine and eucalyptus will welcome you, featuring labeled paths leading you on a historic and botanical trip. Near Batéguier Pond you will find countless migratory bird species with the Point de la Convention as the only plant species.

The Maritime Museum in Fort Royal is housed by an ancient fort where the famous Iron Mask Man has been kept captive.

15. Take a Saint Tropez and Port Grimaud full-day tour

The quiet fishing town of Saint Tropez has since become a summer vacation for European celebrities. Here you will discover the wealthy and famous mega yachts and have time to stroll down the cobbled streets of the charming coastal town of the French Riviera.

A tour of Port Grimaud is on the cards and you will know why they call it little Venice and it’s a charming Mediterranean fishing and yachting village. An 8-seater air-conditioned minibus with pick up and drop-off facilities is available for the 8-hour guided tour.

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