Chicago is an excellent place for a tour with many things to see and do, a beautiful town full of architectural masterpiece works and sophisticated skyscrapers. The water is prominent in the city on the shores of Lake Michigan and the delightful river Chicago runs across all of its districts. A boat tour is, therefore, a brilliant way to see Chicago as much as possible. You really need to see the views from Lake Michigan, this is the beauty that we can see.

To give you an idea of what is available, here are some of the best boat tours that will entertain, astound, and inform you about all that there is to see in Chicago.

Which Chicago Boat Tours Are Best? And what thing we can do there?

1. Chicago River Architecture Cruise

Chicago River Architecture Cruise

This popular cruise is highly suggested by its guests, and it also takes you through many of the best known monuments and buildings of the town for good reason.

Sailing below historical bridges is an unforgettable experience. The fantastic audio commentary, which gives you invaluable insight into the history of the place, gives life to the unbelievable architecture of Chicago.

As you cross the river’s three branches, you’ll pass over 40 buildings with among the numerous highlights Trump Tower, the Wrigley Building and Willis Tower.

2.Buffet Dinner Cruise – 3- Hour 3-Course

Chicago Dinner Cruise
Chicago Dinner Cruise

Sailing along the Chicago River slowly as the lights and darkening fall on is a magical experience and a perfect way to explore Chicago by night.

The meal is sumptuous, with a large buffet for your choice, and a drink will live long in memory when you take a look at the stars.

DJs also play a selection of hits in addition to the fantastic food and sights. Dancing on the deck in the evening is a great way to end a wonderful day in Chicago.

3. Lake Michigan – 2-Hour Lunch Cruise

Lunch Cruise On Lake Michigan

Lunch Cruise On Lake Michigan

Cruiser around Lake Michigan and watching the unbelievable sights of Chicago pass you are a delight and a peaceful journey to visit a whole lot of the city.

The wide menu means something everyone should enjoy; surely after the meal you won’t go away hungry. Furthermore, you can enjoy live entertainment while you are eating.

The amazing skyline really needs to be considered, with the huge skyscrapers overlooking the water, apparently defying gravity as they reach the celestial landscape. This is sure to be one of your most memorable lunches ever.

4. Architecture River Cruise of Chicago

Architecture Cruise

Architecture Cruise

This lovely cruise is worth checking out and highly recommended by those who have been in town, as it takes you past all the most important architectural marvels.

Sailing the Chicago River is an excellent way to see much of the town altogether. Without a doubt, the professional guide opens your eyes to the unbelievable work done and the stories behind the buildings.

The skyscrapers above you are a great way to spend the afternoon cruising along the river. At all of the wonderful buildings and landmarks you saw, you will get impressed and amazed.

5.  Cruise with Buffet Lunch in Chicago

Cruise With Buffet Lunch

Cruise With Buffet Lunch

This tour is the perfect option if you’re in a little bit time and want to visit as much of Chicago as possible; you can look at the world while eating lunch.

With a lot of diversity available, you can eat and enjoy the live music as you tuck into your food.

You will receive your attention in the spectacular buildings on both sides of the river. The audio-comment will highlight all the main highlights. Furthermore, the enjoyable cruise takes you to the spectacular lakefront, with a breathtaking view of Michigan Lake.

6. Sunset Dinner Buffet Spirit from Chicago

Chicago Sunset Dinner Cruise

Chicago Sunset Dinner Cruise

This sunset cruise combines dinner with dancing and sightseeing, leaving you amazed at the beauty of Chicago as light and fads fade throughout the city at night.

The night views of Chicago are long memories of a wonderful trip and slowly the sun setting over the waters of the lake adds only to your beauty. This is magic.

Cruising around Lake Michigan is a great way to finish the day while sitting and unwinding. The buffet meal is sure to leave you happy, as will the vivid music you put on for your fun.

7. Chicago: Speedboat Cruise Architecture

Chicago River Architecture Cruise By Speedboat

Chicago River Architecture Cruise By Speedboat

This tour around the waterways of Chicago is an exciting event when you explore the many attractions of the city by speedboat, sailing across the waters and the wind on your hair.

You’ll certainly get more insight into Chicago, thanks to a professional guide who tells you about the impressive range of buildings before you; the history and architecture of the city comes alive.

The Chicago River and Lake Michigan is a 75-minute tour. The Willis Tower, the Lyric Opera and the Chicago Locks are among the many sights on display. Don’t miss it.

8. Sightseeing Cruise in Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan Sightseeing Cruise

Lake Michigan Sightseeing Cruise

This magnificent cruise will take you around lovely Michigan Lake and to some of the stunning sights in Chicago. The town stands before you with its gigantic skyscrapers overlooking the lake.

With a great panorama of the city of Windy before you, time will shoot you while the audio commentary and the team entertain and educate you to the same extent.

The John Hancock Center and Trump and Willis Towers are among the many attractions offered.

9. Chicago: South Side Tour of Land and River

land river tour featuring historic chicago
land river tour featuring historic Chicago

If you want to learn as much of Chicago, a river cruise is a fantastic way to see the sights of the city on one go. You will certainly learn a lot from the audio comment.

This combo tour includes, in addition to the pleasant boat trip, a walking tour around Grant Park, the Adler Planetarium and, among other things, the amazing Chicago Art Institute.

This tour around the South Side of Chicago, with so many city, faces to look out, is fantastic for everything that it has to offer.

10. Speedboat Architecture Cruise of Lake Michigan and Chicago River

Chicago River

Chicago River

An exciting affair, cruising on a speedboat around Chicago is a lot of fun and visitors will certainly enjoy their tour of the city.

The tour commentary will show you all the main points of interest with lots of things to see and do. You will also get tips on what to see when you visit Chicago.

This lovely cruise will live as interesting as it is educational and informative in memory of the spectacular view of the show, and its wonderful architecture.

11. Odyssey – Dinner Cruise in Chicago

Chicago Odyssey

Chicago Odyssey

A great way to enjoy your evening is to have a three- course Gourmet Dinner on the Odyssey and to make live music an exciting and enjoyable atmosphere.

Watching and sailing along the river comes to life in the city is a magic experience, and the amazing skyline is to be seen.

Watching the sunset in the town is absolutely divine; you want to be able to dine on the river every evening.

12. Chicago City Minibus Tour with River Cruise Architecture

Chicago City Minibus Tour With River Cruise

Chicago City Minibus Tour With River Cruise

Together with an expert guide, this tour by minibus will take you through many of the main attractions, historic sites and busy neighborhoods in Chicago.

Many people choose to include in their package the architectural river cruise and that is definitely worthwhile. A boat tour gives a completely new view of the town from a new angle.

You’ll find a better understanding of what makes Chicago tick by stops at The Rookery, Millennium Park and the Willis Tower included.

13. Brunch Cruise on the Odyssey – Chicago

Chicago Brunch Cruise On The Odyssey

Chicago Brunch Cruise On The Odyssey

How can your day begin better than with a brunch on the Odyssey?

Travel around Michigan Lake before you look at Chicago, is a great way to start a busy day out and you can see lots of the city in comfort and style.

The skyline of Chicago is impressive to see and you can learn a lot about the buildings and the history of the city itself with the captivating audio commentaries.

14. Chicago VIP Helicopter Tour and Architectural River Cruise

River Cruise And Helicopter Tour

River Cruise And Helicopter Tour

After cruising the Chicago River and taking all the wonderful architectural features from the ground, it is time to take a look at Chicago from above and see the sky.

The helicopter tour will take you above many of the most popular sights in the city— it’s special to see it from a whole new perspective. It’s a great experience.

This combo deal will delight and amaze visitors and create lasting memories from the unparalleled views of Chicago.

15. North and South Coasts of Chicago Land and River Architecture Tour

Chicago Land And River Architecture Tour

Chicago Land And River Architecture Tour

This whirlwind tour takes you past many of the most incredible places in the city, with all its wonderful architectural features, and will make you the best way to visit much of Chicago.

Walk the north and south banks is an excellent way to spend the day. Your guide will give you a sense of life in the city, telling you the stories behind the sites.

After you finish the walk, the time comes to explore the city by boat and the river. Sailing along is a relaxing experience with the skycrapers above you. You will surely be tired but happy with everything that you saw.


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